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Some of the most frustrating parts of dating, I’m sure you’ll agree, is finding people to date who are on the same page as you are. There are so many things to worry about: the place, whether a physical location or a website; the type, whether it’s gender or physical description or a top or bottom; and even purpose, by which I mean a quickie or a long-term relationship (or something in between).

For example, you can find plenty of guys at a gay bar or any of the numerous gay websites. But…

  • What does the location say about you and/or your potential new “friend?”
  • What if all you want is a cute bottom and all you’re finding is a room full of bear tops?
  • Why is everyone looking for a quickie when you really just want someone to settle down with?

I’m simplifying a bit but I’m sure you can imagine (or relate!) how much more complicated it can get.

I’ve met dates in person as well as online. Some of the guys I met in person turned out to be more deceptive than anyone I had met online, and some of the guys I met online turned out to be nothing like what I expected them to be offline. In short: dating can suck no matter where or how you meet someone.

But I can say that things are a bit different now than they were, say, five years ago. Online dating used to have a loser/nerdy/anti-social stigma attached, and those of us who met people on the Internet often had to make up a story using real-life locations. “Oh him? We, umm, ran into each other while, uhh, heading to the bathroom at <insert random location here>. He was wearing Abercrombie and so was I. What a coincidence!”

Today, practically everyone I know—gay and straight—has met at least one person online. Online dating site even has a commercial stating 1 in 5 relationships today started on the Internet. Sounds good enough to me.

So what have you had to deal with in online dating? I’d love to hear your craziest stories in the comments.

And in case you were wondering… I met The One online. More details soon. ;)