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I remember it like it was yesterday.

The One and I had spoken on the phone a couple of times and had decided to take our online romance into the real world. After some emails about the perfect place, we decided to meet at a hip café downtown.

I got there early (of course) to scope out the place and get a good table. There were so many thoughts running through my mind:

  • Will this be another uninspired or frustrating date?
  • Will he actually look like his photos?
  • Did I really have to have that 2nd Cinnabon yesterday?

There’s something to be said about the anticipation involved in dating, especially the first few dates. Every email, every phone call, every meeting holds so much potential and excitement. Any one of those could, quite literally, change your life forever.

Yet we keep pushing and go on date after date, hoping the next one will be better, funnier, sexier.

And sometimes our wishes come true.

When The One walked in, I was immediately taken aback by his silent confidence and rugged handsomeness. His eyes gave the impression that he’d seen a vast array of things in life, but his smile told me there was mischievous little guy hiding in there somewhere.

As we chatted over coffee and went through the usual first date questions, the time flew by and I found myself really intrigued by him. He wasn’t like any other guy I had met or dated in the past; we came from very different paths in life, he had such a sexy, mature energy about him and we had some very distinct similarities—but also very strong differences.

Before I knew it, I was suggesting a 2nd date (and I’d never done that!). Gladly he agreed and we set something up right then and there.

First dates can be fun, but some can have you running for the convent. What’s your favorite first date memory, good or bad?

In the gay world, there are lots of “types” of guys. You know… the slut, the closet case, the bear, the queen, etc.

But in all of our various groups there’s always at least one guy who wants to settle down. He longs to be in a long-term relationship with someone he loves. He’s tired of the casual hook-ups and the draining breakdowns. In his ideal world, he’ll kiss a lot of frogs but eventually meet The One.

But what happens after you meet The One?

Where do you turn for insight on maintaining a long-term gay relationship?

How do you know if the steps you’re taking in the relationship are the right ones?

Without social support for long-term gay relationships (we still can’t get married in most places, remember?), the challenges of fostering a healthy relationship can be frustrating—and isolating.

And that’s where this blog comes in. I hope to document the steps of my LTR: the questions, the hopes, the fantasies—and perhaps most importantly, the realities, no matter how harsh.

Here goes nothing.